Kate Krush

First Impressions

Kate Krush has a magnificent body. That`s the first thing I thought when visiting her site because she puts on a hell of a show in the free pictures on the tour. There`s one of her in a bikini at the very top of the page and you can see her big and perky her breasts are and how tanned and sexy the rest of her body is. There`s also her in a black bra and boyshort panty set that highlights the beauty of her tummy. Ass shots abound and everything makes it clear that she`s sexy and lusty and does a damn fine job of posing and arousing.

Hot Promises

There are a lot of free pictures on the tour but they`re pretty short on actual information. I like the images and the free video but I`d like to know a little more about what`s inside other than that she has 1280x720 resolution movies and zip files without restriction (which means you can download as many as you like). Bonus sites are also promised and they have a list of them so you can actually visit the whole collection if you`re thinking about a membership.


There`s a whole lot of hot tit action on the member`s main page as the most recent updates, the most popular updates and the highest rated updates are on display. There are previews of the next additions and at the moment there are two new sets per week. She does one video and one picture gallery every seven days, which is better than most. If you ever make use of the favorites list you`ll find them at the bottom of the page. Just make sure to throw your favorite scenes in there so you only need a few clicks to get to them upon subsequent logins.

There are 60 picture galleries at Kate Krush and each comes with a zip file for download and clickable pictures at 1600px. The thumbnails are the right size for browsing and quick loading and once you`ve found the set that amuses you most you`ll be on the way to glorious masturbation. There are 17 videos and they can be streamed or downloaded. The promise of high definition videos is a joke as they`re barely DVD quality. They play at 640x480 and 1500kbps, which is a far cry from what they said they offered. I will never understand why a site would tell an outright lie about what`s inside. Aren`t members going to be infuriated if they joined for the HD videos and found out they were lied to`

Kate Krush is a solo babe but she`s fairly inventive and she makes her site unique thanks to that quality. It doesn`t come out nearly as strongly in the picture galleries as in the videos but there`s tons of value in seeing those big tits naked and in all sorts of outfits. If it wasn`t obvious from the tour the cute brunette has fake tits and they`re beautiful. You`re not going to be thrilled if you don`t like the perky and unmoving look but since you don`t have to touch them I would imagine that their symmetrical shape and their perkiness would be appealing. It certainly worked for me.

It would be a crime not to show off those big tits in tight clothes, lingerie and bikinis and Kate Krush delivers. One of the minor annoyances with the site is that the preview picture for each gallery rarely shows what Kate`s wearing. Instead she`s almost always topless and while that`s nice I like to have a sense of what I`m getting into when I click a picture to browse. That`s a small issue though. She wears something tight and alluring in every set but she gets naked quick because she realizes that her breasts and her wicked tight tummy are the best assets she possesses for arousing her fans like they can`t believe.

She`s fully nude in every picture set but she doesn`t get particularly lewd with her pussy. It`s more like you can look between her legs and see the lips hanging down but you won`t see her stuffing fingers or toys in there. I really like how hot her totally naked body looks. Without a stitch of clothing on her frame she`s breathtaking and because in almost all of her 60 picture sets she ends up that way her site is a whole lot of fun.

The videos can be even more fun and that`s because Kate Krush is quite the performer and she`s totally comfortable with all manner of dirty talk. Most of the clips seem like they`re filmed with Kate alone in the room. She puts the camera on a tripod and just gets to work talking dirty or playing with her body or stroking a dildo. In the clip `Panty Fingering` she`s on her knees with her face pressed into the mattress and she pulls aside her panties and shoves her fingers and then a dildo into her box. The camera is behind her the entire time capturing the smoking hot action as she moans like she`s giving her snatch the greatest pleasure it`s ever had.

In the clip `Cum on Me` she rubs lotion all over her tits and stomach and urges you to add your jizz to it. How many girls do you know that would do that on video` For something a little more sensual I like the scene where she`s wearing a white satin slip and rubbing lotion all over her body. She looks fantastic doing it and her legs shine when she`s done. There`s a video where she gives a handjob to a dildo while wearing lingerie and she talks dirty about cock the whole time. There are two videos called `Dirty Talk` and my favorite is the first one added. She`s standing in front of the camera in a tight top and she`s telling you exactly how she wants you to masturbate. If you follow her instructions you`re guaranteed a huge orgasm.

Kate Krush also offers her members access to a nice network of ten bonus sites. Each is a solo collection starring a gorgeous young chick with a dirty mind. There`s a ton of dirty talk video in the network and if you`re at all interested in that sort of thing there isn`t a better site online to check out. With the bonus network at your disposal you have a huge collection of solo babe porn.

Croco’s Opinion

Kate Krush is a good website starring a hot young chick with great fake tits, a hot bubble butt and a lovely pair of legs that will drive you wild. In her picture galleries she poses in the tightest and sexiest outfits she can find and then she takes them off to model her tits and pussy. In the videos she loves to talk dirty and give you masturbation instructions and tell you about how much she loves sexual pleasure. She strips and dances and fingers and uses toys and even does a foot fetish scene. She is the ultimate entertainer, this beautiful young chick. Her site comes with ten bonus sites and with a full network of porn you should never be bored.


It`s easy to get around and the only improvement I would make is to change the preview pictures for the picture galleries so we know what we`re getting into (not that it`s ever bad).

Pricing Policy

It`s $34.95/month or $59.95 for 90 days.

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